Educational Health Care Plan

Westhaven School are in the process of fulfilling requirements to transfer statements to EHC plans. This means some students this year have transfer meetings in place of their annual review.

The EHC Plans are for children and young people aged 0-25 and looks at the needs that they have within Education, Health and Care. Professions and the family work together to consider what outcomes they would like to see for the child or young person. The EHCP identifies what is needed to achieve these outcomes.

Before the Meeting

  • As always please let us know if there is anyone you would like to invite.
  • It helps considerably if you could complete the parent contribution and return it to school before the meeting. It also helps you to think about the types of things we will need to know during the meeting.
  • Where possible we will send the draft completed paperwork to you before the meeting.


During the Meeting

  • At Westhaven the tutors are running the EHCP review meetings and will help guide you through the process during the meeting.
  • It is during the meeting that the outcomes are agreed and the provision needed to put these in place.


After the Meeting

  • The school will send the EHCP review paperwork to N Somerset SEN team who will draw it up into a completed EHC Plan, they will then send this to you to agree.

If you have any concerns/queries or you would like more information please contact Ms Sarah Vincent.