Exam and Assessment Results

Exam and assessment results in academic year 2015/2016


In the academic year 2015/2016 we had 22 students in Year 11. Out of these, at the end of the academic year, all have achieved various qualifications.

Key performance indicators:

  • 21 pupils (95%) achieved at least one GSCE. 12 pupils achieved 2 GCSEs and 6 pupils achieved 3 or more GCSEs. While none of our students was awarded the English Baccalaureate (achieving a C or above in GCSEs in 5 or more subjects), three students did achieve 5 GSCEs Grade F and above. Total GCSEs combined: 53
  • Total combined Functional Skills certificates: 20
  • All pupils achieved at least one Entry Level and one Entry Pathway certificate. Total combined ELC and Entry Pathway certificates: 99
  • Total combined Horticulture and ASDAN certificates: 43

Here is a summary of all the exam results and the qualifications achieved by our Year 11 students in 2016.


  • GCSE core subjects
  • GCSE other
  • Functional Skills
  • ELC core subjects
  • ELC other
  • Entry Pathways
  • City&Guilds and ASDAN

Qualifications achieved by Key Stage 4 students

Total combined qualifications achieved by qualification type and subject:

GCSE core subjects (English, Maths and Science): 16
GCSE other: 37
Functional Skills (English, Maths and ICT): 20
ELC core subjects (English, Maths and Science): 45
ELC other: 22
Entry Pathways (Food, DT & Art): 32
City&Guilds and ASDAN: 43


  • Number of students

Functional skills

  • Number of students

Entry Level

  • Number of students

Other qualifications

Entry Pathways

DT & Art

Entry Pathways

Food Technology

City & Guilds

Horticulture Level 1


Bronze & Key Steps

School Performance Table

You can find more information about our school’s performance on the Department for Education website.