Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition

pancakes pancake

Pancake Day at Westhaven!

Developing life skills is key for the pupils at Westhaven, which is why Food and Nutrition is very important. Pupils have dedicated food and nutrition lessons starting in Year 6; this allows us to lay an early foundation of basic practical skills and ensure that pupils have a love of cooking and an interest in nutrition from an early age.

Pupils are taught the principles of nutrition and healthy eating through a very practically based, specially tailored curriculum. All the ingredients are provided and the ethos of “learning by doing” is very much to the fore.

In the lower school pupils have 1 lesson per week where we teach the pupils to explore tastes, textures and food origins as well as learning about healthy eating and snacks, In addition we focus on building up the pupils practical skills.

In the middle school pupils have 2 lesson per week where they get the opportunity to develop a wide range of technical skills.  There is a focus on healthy eating, seasonality and food origins and the pupils learn to cook a variety of dishes.

At Key Stage 4 the pupils have to opportunity to take GCSE Catering, or Entry Level 2, or 3.  There are 3 lessons per week.

tapas tapas.

This term middle school have been learning about cultural foods and have been making Tapas!

Middle school get busy with our British Foods module and kick off the term with Cornish pasties!


GCSE Catering students have been busy preparing for their practical exam and made some outstanding dishes this week! gcse5gcse6gcse2gcse3