Ofsted Inspection

Ofsted Inspection

Westhaven School was last inspected by Ofsted on 10-11 May 2016 and the summary of the inspection is that the school “Requires improvement”.

However the report also states:

“The school has the following strengths:

 The morale of staff, parents and pupils is high. Strong, supportive relationships throughout the school enable pupils to feel, and be, safe and secure.

 Pupils’ behaviour is good. Pupils learn how to keep themselves calm and to control their emotions.

 The school’s horticultural nursery is highly effective in providing pupils with work-based skills.

 Older pupils successfully complete a good range of externally accredited courses, including GCSEs.

 Pupils succeed in continuing with education and training or find work with training when they leave school. Some pupils go on to university.”



A copy of the full Report can be obtained clicking the link below: