Personal, Social & Health Education

Personal Social and Health Education is interwoven right through the core of our school community.  We believe as a school that we cover these important topics in every aspect of our curriculum, however we do pride ourselves in delivering stand alone opportunities during our PSHE sessions. All pupils in our school receive one PSHE session on their timetable.


In Lower School each term we focus our learning around a theme taken from the Primary Social Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) framework.



Term 1: New beginnings

Term 2: Getting on/falling out and bullying

Term 3: Going for goals

Term 4: Good to be me

Term 5: Relationships

Term 6: Changes

Each theme consists of a range of practical, life based learning outcomes for pupils that are relevant and differentiated to their individual need.


In Middle School pupils begin the The Key Steps program which is the first part towards earning credits final credits. The Key Steps Award (ASDAN) is a comprehensive programme of activities in a range of topic areas covering Citizenship, PSHE, Environment Education, Personal Finance Education, Enterprise and Internationalism.





In Upper School pupils then complete A Personal Development Program (ASDAN). This program offers imaginative ways of developing, recording and certificating a wide range of young people’s personal qualities, abilities and achievements, as well as introducing them to new activities and challenges. All the programmes link to nationally recognised qualifications. In Westhaven School we aim to achieve the Bronze award, therefore pupils work towards achieving six credits.




All of our PSHE Schemes of work run alongside our Sex and Relationships Education Scheme of work.. All content is sensitive and differentiated according to level and ability of understanding. In addition to the teaching in the classroom, some year groups also benefit from workshops with our school nursing team. This varies from year to year depending on school nurse availability and which pupils may benefit from more specific input.