Ms Tracy Towler

Ms Tracy Towler

Role: Headteacher

About me

Hi, I am the headteacher at Westhaven School and I enjoy my job very much!  It is a honour to work with such talented staff, eager to learn children and supportive parents.

Career Highlights

I have always been a SEN teacher and every step forward a child makes is a highlight for me.  I am proud of the countless amazing young people who, against all the odds, live successful lives and take their rightful place in society.  I was the teacher of the year for Enterprise Education in 2006, so, on a personal level, I am proud to be a Fellow of the Teaching Awards Trust.

Hobbies & Interests

I love to cook, particularly jams and chutneys.  I love to garden and design gardens.  I am a very competitive horse rider and really enjoy a fast gallop!

My Personality

Some would say I have a ‘loud’ personality.  I like to talk and laugh with the staff and children at school and I have a lot of energy – I ‘buzz about’ everywhere – especially into classrooms to see how well everyone is learning!

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